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DigiShot Plus Benefits

The benefits of the DigiShot Plus system are as follows:

  • More control. Improved vibration levels, crusher throughput, highwall stability and operational efficiencies are possible with the programmable DigiShot Plus electronic initiation system.

  • Easy-to-use. The control equipment and menu-driven software and hooking up of detonator on the surface lead-in wire in any sequence is user fiendly and minimizes user training which enhances ease of use.

  • Minimal on-bench components simplify use. Only the DigiShot Plus Electronic Detonator in the blast-hole which easily clips onto the 2-wire busline on the surface and tested with the DigiShot Tagger is required on the bench to ensure a quality blast.

  • Convenience. Blast patterns and timing can be programmed into the DigiShot Plus Bench Box in advance, or on the day of the blast, whichever is more convenient.

  • Automatic or Programmable Delay Timing. Choose easy auto-programming to save time and reduce errors or the manual programmable mode to accommodate virtually any delay scheme.A further option is to design the blast on ViewShot and directly download into the DigiShot Plus Bench Box.

  • Security. The DigiShot Plus Bench Box system requires passwords and Smart Keys for the hardware, as well as utilising a digitally encrypted signal to fire the blast.

  • The DigiShot Plus system also incorporates a RF Repeater as well as multi Bench Box synchronization enabling remote blasting.
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Our Products

DetNet has designed, developed and commercialized a reliable and robust range of electronic detonators, control equipment and software to ensure that its technologies continually deliver tangible value to mining operations around the globe.

Currently DetNet offers seven product lines, namely: DigiShot; DigiShot Plus; HotShot; BlastWeb; SmartShotViewShot and GeoShot.

These products allow users to choose the appropriate mix of flexibility, features and value in their electronic initiation system that most suit their needs.

The product offering includes:

SmartShot Logo

SmartShotThe SmartShot electronic initiation system is a fully programmable and innovative advance in technology, enabling users to achieve accurate timing benefits

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GeoShotThe GeoShot™ Seismic electronic initiation system provides an electronic solution for seismic applications where highly accurate timing, positional information, quick deployment  and robust downline wires are required.

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QuickShot logo

QuickShotThe BlastWeb Electronic Initiation system is designed for underground use in all applications. BlastWeb is capable of initiating various types of detonators.

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ViewShotThe ViewShot blast design software package allows blasting plans to be designed and simulated on a computer that can be directly downloaded into the control equipment which enables the user to save substantial time during the blasting process

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DigiShotDigiShot is an easy to use, reliable electronic initiating system for use primarily on small surface blasting applications.

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DigiShot PlusDigiShot Plus is an easy to use, reliable electronic initiating system for use primarily on medium to large mines, where large blasting and remote firing are required.

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